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Aging well means knowing your body's genetics and metabolism

Live your most optimal life. 

Understand how our body and metabolism work best.

Learn what effects your:
- Mental acuity
- Hearing loss
- Systemic inflammation
- Insulin response to fat
- Cholesterol response to fat
- Sleep duration
- Sugar intake response
- Impulse control
- Taste preferences
- How your skin and face age
- Sun sensitivity
- Fat loss response to cardio
- Stretch mark development
- Skin glaciation and so much more.

    Did you know your genes account for up to 25% of the variance in longevity?We believe in aging gracefully, but that doesn’t mean feeling old, frail or weak. That’s why we love GenAge, an innovative test that reveals your genetic codes for looking and feeling vital and vibrant, no matter how many turns around the sun you are celebrating.


    Sun Sensitivity

    Skin Aging

    Skin Glycation

    Facial Aging

    Stretch Marks

    Fat Loss Response to Cardio

    Body Composition Response to Strength Training

    Intrinsic Motivation to Exercise

    Addictive Behavior and Stimulus Control

    Impulse Control and Taste Preference with Aging

    Sleep Duration

    Sugar Intake

    Mental Acuity

    Age Related Hearing Loss


    Fitness Response to Cardio

    Systemic Inflammation

    Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Tendency

    Cholesterol Response to Dietary Fat

    Insulin Response to Dietary Fat

    Trig Response to Cardio

    Lactose Intolerance

    Calcium Tendency

    Copper Tendency

    Magnesium Tendency

    Dietary Choline Tendency

    Selenium Tendency

    Zinc Tendency

    "A Once for Life Test"


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    • Purchase

      Once your test kit arrives, please follow the instructions on the enclosed card. REGISTER: You must register your test kit in order to receive your results. Follow the Link provided in your test kit. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful test registration.

    • Return Your Kit

      Collection is completed by using the provided swab and rubbing the inside of your cheek. Follow the enclosed sample collection instructions to ensure your test can be completed successfully. Place the swab in the provided SWAB ENVELOPE. Then place the SWAB ENVELOPE in the provided BubblePak pre-paid shipping envelope with the shipping label.

    • Report

      Once received at our laboratory your sample will be processed and you will receive your genetic test report to download via a secure email message in about 4-6 weeks. Watch out for an email in your inbox or junk folder.

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